What Is The Meaning Of Success To You?

What Is The Meaning Of Success To You?
What Is The Meaning Of Success To You?
Along with the development of our life and the environment we enter, we usually define success based on the definition of another person, may come from our parents, our bosses, our social environment or from about how to live a successful it should be. There is no right or wrong in this case.

Below I write 31 sense about the success that I can from various sources with the hopes this can help you in arranging return meaning to your own version of success.

Success is:

1. make this country or the world for the better.

2. The attainment of wealth, respect, status, and power.

3. The achievement of the goals that you have created yourself.

4. Make a difference, even if only on one person.

5. Recognized as experts in the field that you diligently.

6. Feel loved and understood.

7. Recognition and respect for family and friends.

8. Do the work you love.

9. Can laugh with often.

10. Have vibrant health and always upbeat.

11. Blessed and enjoy the moment.

12. Has enough money to cover your monthly expenses.

13. Do things or hobbies-hobby recently.

14. Travel to places never before visited.

15. Have plenty of time to have fun.

4. Successfully raising children.

17. Use all the potential you have.

18. Have an exciting life.

7. find a job that very same fun it feels like you're playing.

20. Find peace in yourself.

21. Achieve life balance between time to work and family.

22. Have goals that excite you, to make you jump out of bed every morning.

23. Has the ideal home, enough food, good health and a happy family.

24. Go out of the House every day and do the job as good as possible.

25. Stop working and live comfortably enjoy income from the investment.

26. Help other people with special talents you have.

27. Has original ideas and then see it applied in real life.

28. Be True to yourself.

29. Love fellow with all our heart and soul.

30. creating a new and extraordinary.

31. You can add your own version.
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