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Saturday, 5 November 2016

How to Overcome Concerns in The Midst of The Economic Crisis?

How to overcome Concerns in the midst of the economic crisis?
How to overcome Concerns in the midst of the economic crisis?
The economic crisis that originated from the United States and now struck quickly to the rest of the world is indeed very worrying most people. Many companies that roll mats, no exception world-class companies, such as Northern Rock, Fannie Mae, and Lehman Brothers.

How should we behave in the face of this global economic crisis? I myself chose not to disperse my energy by thinking it too deep. I realized if I focus on the fear or concern me, then I will feel a deeper fear again. I focus my energy on things that can increase the productivity of the self.

Before I split on you how we should behave, there are two things to note:

First, know that there are many things beyond our powers, what I mean is we can't do anything to change it, for example the weather, the past, the people and the economic situation. Usually, concerns or fears arise because we too think of such things. Try to keep that in mind again the last occurrence that makes you feel worried. Whether these events outside your control?
Second, know that we always have a choice, I say again here: we always have a choice. We may feel we have no choice, but it actually happens is we don't want to confront the choice because it usually factors in self-esteem or didn't want to.

Well, here are some tips How to overcome Concerns in the midst of the economic crisis?

1. The focus is on the things that you can control

Please be aware that your body and mind is something you can control. You can choose to focus your energy on things that are more useful to you, for example you can opt for more thought about your health rather than just stress think economic conditions are deteriorating.

2. Reduce consume news

I do not mean to say that reading a newspaper or watching the news on TV is not important. What I mean is this, try to keep that in mind when you read or watch news that lift your spirits or tell stories about peace. According to my experiences rarely happen, let alone put the news on the front page, it was not possible, because of that kind of news is not ' sell '. The news that ' sells ' are news articles that contain conflicts, war, gossip, suffering and fear, because that's the sort of news that can quickly affect our emotions. Mass media companies do have to do that kind of strategy, because that's the value selling, otherwise they will go bankrupt.
Reduce consumption of news is very important to keep us from anxiety and fear. I myself have been reducing reading newspapers and watching TV, just focus on things related to my work and entertainment (humor).

3. Be thankful

Try to contemplate this question. What is the most important thing in your life? For things what are you grateful? Anyone that you love? Even better you could write the above paper, close your eyes and imagine the answer. Experience the feeling of gratitude. Do this on a regular basis.
Just a suggestion, it would be much better if you could be more thanks to the stuff that is nonmaterial. I personally realized that the nonmaterial things far more important than material, such as health and relationships, because even if I lose the material but with good health and relationships, I was able to grab it back.

4. Stop spreading worries or fears

The intent of the above writing was stopped complaining about the difficult economy, stop spreading the word about the crisis at your friends and stop talking about the crisis. Start doing the actions that you can control. If your basic needs are threatened at this time (such as job loss or residency), take action immediately and massively, such as submitting a cover letter to many companies, contact your friends to ask jobs, looking for jobs on the internet about, etc. Anyway, anything you can do, do it all quickly and never give up.

5. Everything will turn to its origin

You are not alone. All face the same problem. History has proven that everything will turn to its origin, such as the economic crisis Indonesia in 1997. Indonesia's economy currently has far better than before 1997. Despite the impact of the world economic crisis still remains in our country. I am personally optimistic that this crisis will be skipped. We can do currently is to survive and take all the necessary actions, such as tightening expenses, increase work productivity etc.

6. Tighten up your assets

With respect to things that we can control as I have explained above, when the crisis is the most appropriate moment we improve ourselves. Take a look at all the things that we can learn to add ability (skill). Never stop to learn. Believe me, when this crisis ends, you will be better prepared to face the challenges ahead.

7. Setting up a reserve fund

For those of you that are currently not being fought to meet your basic needs, the priority is to have a reserve fund. It's not that because we are currently in a crisis, not essential to form a reserve fund. Preparation of remains for us to do everything possible to deal with after this crisis passes. We have to stimulate saving habits throughout our lives. Trust me you will reap the results one day.

8. The focus is on the things that benefit you

Don't focus on the negative things that hit you like pay cuts, not get bonuses, declining turnover etc. The focus is on the things that can benefit you, as for example:
– Gasoline prices coming down
– The low stock price
I myself am not a stock player, I just want to share from the article Warren Buffet that I read. He said that at this time is a good time to buy stocks. Hopefully useful.
– Reduce the consumption and sightseeing will have the effect of fixing the wasteful us mentally. :)

9. Choose to be happy

Choose to be happy doesn't mean we don't care about the problems around us or impose a smile on our faces, but we focus on the wonderful things that can give us pleasure, making us smile and thank them for this life, for example: you can play with your children, go hiking, fishing, etc. You can also read my article before this: 9 tips for a happier life.
Please be aware that every day we are surrounded by things that can make us happy. As well as the fears and worries, enjoy the happiness is a choice. Which one would you choose? Concern or happiness?

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