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Wednesday, 9 November 2016

The Tips for Overcoming Stress in life and at work

The Tips for Overcoming Stress in life and at work
The Tips for Overcoming Stress in life and at work
Stress is a State of the soul of the most popular in this century. Try to remember-remember back how many people you encounter say they are experiencing stress or perhaps you yourself were experiencing it?

Stress is not a disease, but if you can't deal with it at a certain time, you will be exposed to many health problems.

Some time ago I read an article that says:
  • More than 40 million people in Europe or at least 1 in 3 workers say they are experiencing stress in the workplace.
  • Stress at work is a second problem that often occurs in addition to the problem of back pain.
  • From the results of the survey also said that more than a quarter of workers absent for 2 weeks (accumulation) a year because of health problems caused by stress.

I will pass on some of the main things that can cause stress in the workplace:
  • Working conditions have always been under pressure
  • Lack of the given tasks
  • Request the goods of very high
  • Lack of planning work
  • The existence of threats among employees
  • Cries and invective of the consumer
  • The always annoying co-workers
  • Physical discomfort, such as sound machines that fuss, less ventilation etc.
  • and worst of all, the absence of improvements to address the above issues.

These things can cause physical and mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, nervousness, not able to focus for long periods and prolonged tiredness.

If any of the above things you feel .... hmmm, I think you need to immediately change your daily activities both at work and in your life as a whole.

Here are 9 tips for tackling stress in the workplace:

1. Plan your activities well: what, why, how, when and who is responsible for the tasks. It is important to create not only the planning but also long term short term (monthly plan, daily plan).

2. No doubt you in the past have experienced problems in the workplace. Try to keep that in mind come back are the ways that you can use to troubleshoot problems that you are facing today.

3. Follow build climate work, that is by being open and communicate with fellow co-workers.

4. make sure you understand the duties and responsibilities towards you and feel free to ask.

5. Do some times break for a few minutes while you work? Laid back and don't do anything. Take a deep breath.

6. Have the attitude of tolerance to fellow co-workers. Remember that each person is a uniquely private, for example some people thus perform better under pressure while others need more time to complete his work.

7. Delegate some of your responsibilities to your fruit.

8. Keep your team spirit, for example by doing small festivals, exercise or leisure together.

9. Provide a good working environment. Minimize disturbances such as sound, light, temperature and ventilation.

In addition to stress in the workplace, in public life we may experience stress for some reason.

Here are 8 tips overcome stress in life:
1. Do a massage of the body (body massage), because massage is good for relaxation and normalize blood pressure. After the massage, you will experience quality sleep which will, of course, restore the better your weariness.

2. Exercising regularly is very important in the fight against stress. Exercise will mobilize our muscles, accelerates blood flow and open the lungs to have taken small more oxygen. Consequently, you will get a more restful night's sleep and better health.

3. Do your hobby, like fishing, hiking or whatever you enjoy doing. You can also do the adventure you've never experienced before as raft suppose.
Do activities such as these can eliminate thoughts that cause stress.

4. Many of the assumptions that say beer, wine or whiskey can relieve stress. In fact, the white water that can relieve stress. Research shows that drinking a glass or 2 wine glasses can indeed cause us to relax then, but after missing his alcoholic effects, stress is likely to be waking you up in the middle of the night. By drinking lots of water will help restore our body from lack of fluids, due to the lack of fluids can cause fatigue.

5. Doing meditation. Health experts say that is a very powerful tool in coping with stress is a meditation. Meditation greatly helped clean up our mind and improve concentration. It has been proven that meditation for 15 minutes the same as we rest for 1 hour. Even if you just did a meditation for 2 minutes, it will be quite helpful. Meditation will help you forget about the things that can cause stress.

6. When a person undergoes stress, a natural reaction if that person then vents his by consuming a lot of food. You need to know that consuming foods that contain high carbohydrates can increase the levels of insulin in the body, where it can make the body's insulin levels become rapidly exhausted and your mood became ugly.

7. Sex is an excellent healing for relieving stress. Many doctors say that sex is a wonderful way in the muffle his anger and stress.

8. If our bodies are tired, it's not easy for us in controlling stress. Not getting enough sleep will affect the whole of our day, and we usually have a bad day because of the lack of sleep causes us unable to concentrate and see a problem worse than it should be. Sleep is good for adults is 7 hours a day.

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Know that each person has a trend to experience stress in different ways. Controlling stress is actually not as difficult as thought, it's just a matter of how we see things from a different angle. Read and follow these tips or techniques of controlling the stress will also be very helpful to us.

Please if you have any other tips that can add it in the comments field.

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