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Wednesday, 9 November 2016

101 Questions To make your life Extraordinary

101 Questions To make your life Extraordinary
101 Questions To make your life Extraordinary

Anthony Robbins once said in one of his books that thinking actually is the process of asking and answering questions. He then added that the people who succeed are those who always asked himself.

Here are 101 questions to make your life extraordinary:

1. What do I want?

2. for what things I am grateful?

3. What is missing in my life?

4. Do I see new things in this world every day?

5. do I provide a little bit of time to listen to other people?

6. do I have a good enough?

7. How do I make this life more cheerful?

8. What do I want more in life?

9. What's not too I want in life?

10. do I always look for opportunities?

11. do I catch opportunities are there?

12. Do I have an open mind?

13. If I am flexible enough?

14. If I was quick to judge others?

15. do I always take into account the risk?

16. do I sincerely applaud the others?

17. do I appreciate what others do for me?

18. Where am I want to go?

19. who are the people I want to meet?

20. What are the Adventures that I want to follow?

21. do I care what other people think about me?

22. do me a quick offense?

23. Does that make me happy?

24. Is there anything that I delay?

25. do I always think of yourself?

26. do I like the grudge?

27. do I always remember the past?

28. do I let negative thoughts of others affect me?

29. Can I forgive myself?

30. do I smile frequently enough?

31. do I laugh often enough?

32. do I surround myself with positive people?

33. If I am a positive person?

34. do I provide enough time to care for yourself?

35. What is my secret ambition?

36. What does want people to remember about me at the end of life later?

37. What is a success for me?

38. How can I give meaning to the lives of others?

39. How can I serve my fellow?

40. What can I do better than others?

41. is my biggest strength 3?

42. do I move towards to the achievement my dreams?

43. Whether I am telling others what I truly want in life?

44. As to whether the form of a beautiful day in my opinion?

45. do you want to like 1 year again? 5 more years? 10 years old again? 20 more years?

46. As to whether the form of the environment for the good life according to me?

47. do I want to do if I had no fear?

48. what I want to do if the money is not important?

49. What are the reasons that I often say?

50. do I enjoy what I do every day?

51. If I was on the right path?

52. do I love myself?

53. do me good in others?

54. do I take something without return?

55. Whether I was doing the most important thing at this time?

56. If there are things in life that I need to give more attention?

57. do I have to use my time with their best?

58. What can I do today that can make the biggest difference in your life?

59. What am I avoid?

60. What are some things that I could have tolerated?

61. do I make clear the goals by the deadline achievement?

62. do I hold the promises I had made myself?

63. do I hold the promises I had made to others?

64. If I want my life perfect, what shall I or Fox?

65. What are my search in earnest at this time?

66. How do I make my life simpler?

67. what Activities I was doing but I did not enjoy it? Whether such activities seriously to do? Can I delegate her or pay someone else to do it?

68. do I see myself as a creative enough?

69. do I allow myself to be creative?

70. can I be someone spontaneously?

71. Whether I am too critical on yourself?

72. am I too critical of someone else?

73. If I can see the problem from different points of view?

74. What are the things that I have already completed?

75. What are some things that are a source of stress in your life?

76. How can I reduce the stress in your life?

77. Where are my money used?

78. can I manage my finances?

79. I Have a financial plan for the future?

80. To what are sometimes I used?

81. Did I make the system an efficient time management?

82. is my biggest priority 3 in life?

83. Who is the most important person in my life?

84. Who is he that loves me?

85. Who matters to me?

86. to whom did you work hard?

87. does residential and working environment I have been arranged so that gives comfort to me?

88. If I had a pattern of healthy living?

89. do I often carried by emotions?

90. If I can forget about the mistakes I had made in the past?

91. do I allow myself to do a failure?

92. Did I learn my failures?

93. do me a quick respond when something goes improperly?

94. Whether the beliefs I have worked well?

95. do I loosen the rules that I had made for myself and others?

96. do the dream of my childhood the forgotten?

97. who is the idol/character I follow?

98. am I original? Will I be myself or is trying to be someone else?

99. What if ...?

100. Why not ...?

101. How can I. ..?

The question which makes you the most untouched? Please share right here, or If you have any other reflections can also be in sharing at here.

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